A New Love Language

A New Love Language

On July 4th around 11:55 pm, my Dad passed from this life here on earth to a heavenly realm.  The two days leading up to that point my sister Nancy expressed to me that I was learning a new love language.  The language was the actions of what a hospice nurse would do routinely as they cared for a dying person.

So this picture of love that his wife, daughter in law and remaining children had consisted of rolling my dad from one side to the other and holding him in position.  As he was in position we would then remove half of the soft absorbent pad and then the other half and at the same time use a soft cloth to clean his back and everywhere else that needs to be cleaned.  Also we would take some vaseline and smear it all over him and then insert a medicated bullet and put a brand new diaper on him.  Some of you folks who are reading
this know exactly what I am talking about.  On the other hand some of you will still have the privilege to show your loved one that you have the love in your heart to care for your parents to the dying day.

I was told that for a lot of people it is really more difficult to be there while your loved one is hanging on, than when they pass.  Nope, I can say seeing your loved one in such a miserable state is not comfortable but for me the night my dad passed was a flood of tears both sadness and relief knowing by faith my dad (Big Shoes) was in heaven.  And yes it is just as it is happening right now.  I think it was the finality of his life here on this blue planet we call earth.

The few nights before Big Shoes passed I would pray and say, Lord will you please take my dad home, I know he is ready cause a few days before I got there my mom was saying that he was talking with Corb, a close friend who passed away a few years earlier.  But when He passed even though I knew it was soon it still hit hard.  But I did get to learn a new love language.

Pastor Ken Johns

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