Be a Blessing to Others

Be a Blessing to Others

Here is something to think about. The Old Testament continually mentions to the Isrealites to repent and then they will be blessed. In the Gospels John the Baptist preached to repent. Jesus preached to believe in Him and sin no more….go and sin no more… Folks here are the treasure of the Grace of God seen in the New Testament. Because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice to satisfy the punishment for sin once and for all, we can concentrate on living for God and being a blessing to our family friends. The temple of the Old Testament is gone and those who believe, you are the new temple where God lives.  It has always been easy to point out the faults in others’ lives kind of a know brainer. But, God tells us in Eph. 2:10 . . .to do good to others.  Guys let work harder at being a blessing. 


Ken Johns

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