The Art of Solitude

The Art of Solitude

How often do you feel life is living you instead of you living life? When you go to bed at night does your mind keep going with the troubles of the day or the next day or the next week. . .? Many folks, like me, just have a motor that is hard to put into idle. After Jesus miraculously fed over 5000 and even had leftovers, chose not to stay and revel in the event but sent every one home and then proceeded to be alone. His disciples got on a boat and he climbed a mountain by Himself. The gospel of Matthew chapter 4 in the Bible you will read that before Jesus started his ministry he spent 40 days alone with God. ALONE.

If Jesus took time to be alone and pray maybe it is a good idea for us to take some time and be alone with our Savior Jesus. The truth is if you want to hear God’s still small voice you need to be still, quite, and listen. But, you have to learn how to be quiet and you have to put it in your schedule and make it a practice, or a habit. I can share that being quiet before God reminds me of who is in control, not me. They say if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans. Not like there is nothing wrong with planning, but your plans will never rival God’s plans, and if you want to know them than you have to be quiet and listen. The art of solitude keeps you close to God and there is know better place to be than close to Jesus. There is commotion everyday but you can deal with confidence those storms because you took some time to hear from God. Please start to take time to be alone with God. 

Ken Johns

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